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Daniele Marinelli is the founder of DTSocialize. He has  published lots of articles around crypto and metaverse – here’s the launch video of UMetaWorld . His token DTCoin has been up and running for about 5 years and Marinelli launched some of the sexiest online projects for social media and web apps. After getting in touch with his staff we wrote about Nvidia Metaverse – a new informatic project from the big one of desktop computers – and Roblox latest news. If you’re looking for DTCoin reviews, Ushare info, Daniele Marinelli who is, DTSocialize company news, please click here.

Daniele Marinelli says Nvidia intensifies its efforts on the Metaverse

Hardware maker Nvidia is stepping up its efforts to take a stand in the Metaverse. On Tuesday, the company revealed a new set of developer tools focused on metaverse environments, including new artificial intelligence capabilities, simulations and other creative resources.

Creators using Omniverse Kit, along with apps such as Nucleus, Audio2Face and Machinima, will be able to access the new updates. Nvidia says a main function of the tools will be to help improving the building of “accurate digital twins and realistic avatars.”

The quality of metaverse interaction is a hot topic in the industry, as developers and users value the quality of experiences over quantity. An example of this could be seen during the first metaverse fashion week, which took place in the spring 2022.

Feedback from the event overwhelmingly stated the lack of quality in the digital environments, clothing, and especially the avatars that people interacted with.

The new Nvidia toolkit includes Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE). Developers say ACE will improve the conditions for building “virtual assistants and digital humans.”

“With Omniverse ACE, developers can create, configure and deploy their avatar applications on almost any engine, in any public or private cloud.”

Digital identity is a focus of the update in the Audio2Face application. Nvidia’s official statement says users can now direct the emotion of digital avatars over time, including full-face animation.

It is clear that the commitment to the Metaverse will continue to develop. In fact, the market share of the metaverse is expected to exceed 50 billion dollars in the next four years, highlighting a significant increase in people joining the new environment. In addition, new events, workplaces and even university classes are popping up in this new digital world.

Therefore, more users are going to look for creating digital versions of themselves. The development of technologies to support the mass adoption of the metaverse is crucial. Another addition to Nvidia’s update includes Nvidia PhysX, which is an “advanced real-time engine for simulating realistic physics”. This means developers can include realistic reactions to metaverse interactions that obey the laws of physics. NVIDIA’s AI technology has so far been an important element in creating spaces for social interaction in the digital space. Even more so now, as it launches new applications for developers to enhance the metaverse.

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Roblox metaverse continues to run

Perhaps, those who have long been predicting strong growth for metaverse-related business have been onto something. Yet another testimony comes from Roblox’s financial results. In the last quarter, it posted a 30 percent increase in revenue over the same period last year (591 million dollars), despite the slight decline that impacted the number of subscriptions (-4 percent), according to Daniele Marinelli’s blog.

An excellent Q2 2022 for Roblox and its metaverse

Created in 2004, the California-based company is among the founding members of the Metaverse Standards Forum, an initiative put in place at the end of June 2022 with the goal of ensuring interoperability between the virtual worlds from which, in the future, a substantial portion of online interactions will transit.

To date, the platform sees more than 52 million users connected on a daily basis, +21% compared to Q2 2021. Time spent on activities has also increased sharply, reaching a combined total of 11.3 billion hours (+25%). In short, there is something to toast to, as the words of CEO David Baszucki point out:

“We are experiencing record levels of users and engagement, worldwide, as we define the roadmap for innovation and extend the appeal of Roblox to all geographies and ages. We continue to achieve progress on key operational and product initiatives, increasing the long-term value of the platform.”

Roblox is one of the biggies in the metaverse whose shares are available for trading on eToro MetaverseLife, along with those of Meta, Sandbox, Adobe, and all the other major players in the industry.

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